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How Experian Tricks People Into Signing Away Their Rights

With just how elaborate day-to-day life is in the 21st century, people are susceptible to manipulation. In the case of scammers, pickpockets, and even multinational corporations such as Experian, millions of Americans unknowingly fall victim to the immoral tactics of criminals. If you or a loved one has found themself affected by similar scandals, please reach out to a tried and trusted Florida consumer protection attorney from Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. today.

The Questions that Surround Experian’s Operations

Experian is a company that claims to provide services that reduce people’s credit scores. While this is seemingly quite a positive thing for people struggling with bad credit, it does not make too much sense when dug into. First and foremost, there is no mechanism within Expedia that allows someone to increase their income and pay off their debts, for example. Furthermore, Experian does not even alleviate debt itself to relieve someone’s financial burdens and allow them to pay off smaller amounts of money. 

It is therefore unclear exactly how Expedia operates and why its services are mostly free. There is no need to pay for nearly anything to the site, yet the company continuously runs ads targeted toward wide-reaching and broad audiences. 

Upon further inspection, Expedia promotes that their customers sign up for “extra” offers such as Boost, a no-cost service that allows someone to further increase their credit score. Yet buried deep within the terms and conditions of Expedia Boost is a binding arbitration clause. 

A Clause Designed to Strip Unknowing Citizens of their Rights

This clause, in short, ensures that the user of Expedia Boost cannot sue the company. Furthermore, customers are banned from participating in class-action lawsuits against Expedia, waiving their rights to a fair trial. This is furthermore problematic because it ensures that any disagreements are taken to arbitration, a type of unofficial court without links to the government that is known to be biased toward businesses that are able to pay them off. 

This is a clear restriction of rights that are guaranteed to United States citizens under the Constitution and other pieces of legislation. Not only has this been perceived by the legal community as shady and unethical, but many are also unsure exactly why Expedia is going to these lengths. 

With limited amounts of direct revenue coming in yet still in possession of large amounts of information, many are speculatory that Expedia is engaging in behind-the-door deals to potentially sell information, publish misleading or inaccurate information, and more. Guaranteeing that any and all disputes with these actions are taken to arbitration via contract in a 23,000-word terms and conditions document is highly favorable to the company.

Spearheading the Fight Against Unethical Corporate Scandals

While companies such as Expedia race to cheat consumers out of their rights and property, firms such as Sharmin & Sharmin are gearing up to tackle them head-on. As a firm with passionate Florida consumer protection attorneys who value the importance of individual liberties, our firm hopes to make things right. Contact us today by calling 1-844-Sharmin, where we will give you a free consultation.

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