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Five Common Florida Bankruptcy Myths

Most people try to avoid bankruptcy, fearing the worst if it is unavoidable. Recent statistics show the filing of close to 400,000 non-business bankruptcies in the U.S., so this is not an uncommon practice. If you are sinking into debt and see no feasible way out, consulting a Florida debt defense lawyer is the first…


Five Ways Your Bankruptcy Case Could Be Denied

The process of filing for bankruptcy can be stressful, leading to an overwhelming loss of confidence and direction about how to approach your financial situation. There are steps you must complete to prevent your bankruptcy from being denied. Otherwise, your case will result in dismissal.  Having competent representation from a Florida debt defense lawyer that…


How an Attorney Can Help Your Bankruptcy Filing Process

When facing bankruptcy, most people are at the end of their rope. It is a stressful, frustrating time, but often it is the best option for building a better future. Working with an attorney during the bankruptcy filing process can alleviate some of this stress and frustration.  Your attorney has experience with the complicated legal…

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