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Explaining Common Food Delivery Phishing Scams

Florida restaurants and delivery drivers may encounter seemingly helpful companies offering efficient business support services to make food ordering and delivery more efficient and cost-effective. These offers upgraded services and refunds for canceled orders sound beneficial in a growing demand for food delivery services. However, scammers are targeting unsuspecting restaurants and food delivery service drivers…

Important Cybersecurity Tips for Online Shopping

The days of hours spent in town driving through traffic to multiple stores only to have what you’re searching for elude you is over. Shopping online simplifies life, offering more selection and flexibility without consuming an entire day. However, the dangers of online shopping are ever-present, requiring diligence to avoid significant risks. Safeguarding your personal…

How to Spot IRS Scams

As if tax season is not unwelcome enough on its own, greedy, dishonest individuals have also made this time of year “scam season.” These predators use deceptive techniques, presenting themselves as representatives of the IRS or other “official” entities to steal identities and money from unsuspecting victims, and their modes of operation are varied. IRS…

5 Important Steps Towards Identity Theft Recovery

When someone accesses your personal or financial information without your consent,and uses that information to buy items, obtain benefits, file taxes or commit other fraudulent behavior, you are a victim of identity theft. Identity thieves are always on the prowl, and while they often set their sights on more vulnerable people, older adults for example,…

Steps to Take After Spotting a Credit Report Error

Most days, no one thinks about the impact of their credit report on their daily lives, but it plays a significant role in your ability to do many things. A credit report may influence your ability to get a loan, the interest you pay, your rent, how much your insurance premiums are, and even whether…

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