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Fort Lauderdale Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

A growing topic of conversation amongst consumers, identity theft has become a very serious reality for many across central Florida. In Fort Lauderdale and beyond, a growing number of individuals have had their credit card information and identities stolen in illegal attempts to rob people of their hard-earned money.

Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. is a Florida consumer law firm that stands against these illegal actions, defending consumers by representing them in a court of law. Our team of passionate and dedicated Fort Lauderdale identity theft and credit card fraud lawyers will do whatever it takes to ensure your protection.

Why Choose Sharmin & Sharmin for Your Case?

Sharmin & Sharmin does whatever is necessary to protect you and your loved ones from identity theft. As a leading firm in this practice area, our culture and craft surrounding identity theft law has restored the financial integrity of hundreds of residents across the state of Florida.

  • Our team leverages the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other pieces of federal legislation to ensure that any unlawful damage to your credit report is erased.
  • Sharmin & Sharmin does not charge monthly fees to repair credit as do many other law firms. 
  • Our team is steadfast and works tirelessly to let you know if you have a case within 24 hours – no office visit required.

The State of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud in Central Florida

Identity theft and credit card fraud are common occurrences more and more across the state of Florida. Broadly speaking, identity theft is using someone else’s personal information to perform various actions within existing financial institutions. This may be opening up a bank account, taking out loans, or using a credit card that is attached to someone else’s social security number and name so as to avoid financial responsibility 

There are a number of reasons that identity theft has such an impact on Florida. A large number of metropolitan areas in conjunction with one of the largest state populations makes it an easy target. With a healthy mixture of new families, young professionals, and retirees, fraudsters have been targeting Florida on a regular basis. 

One particularly bad situation that many in central Florida have had to face is credit card fraud. A subcategory of identity theft, credit card fraud occurs when a purchase with the use of a credit card in someone else’s name occurs. A credit card could have been opened in someone’s name or the numbers simply written down by an unfaithful waiter, this offense could result in thousands of dollars in purchases that do not necessarily belong to the person whose name is on the card.

It is always recommended by legal experts across the country to reach out to attorneys as soon as possible after experiencing credit card fraud. While you will eventually have to reach out to your financial institutions and dig through your accounts, attorneys will be able to aid you in these processes.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Identity Theft Attorney Today

Fort Lauderdale identity theft lawyers from Sharmin & Sharmin are dedicated to the craft of protecting consumers. Our firm stands above the rest, offering services such as free virtual consultations and decades of litigation experience. As specialists in identity theft and credit card fraud, you will have the peace of mind you need as you try to financially recover from the unlawful acts of criminals and fraudsters.

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