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Florida Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Having your credit card stolen is far more serious than many people think. Credit card fraud can have a lasting impact on your life if you are not careful. And even if you are careful, the fact that your credit card has previously been stolen before puts you at risk for additional types of identity theft. Various different forms of card theft require their own unique expertise. Regardless, the personal information from your stolen credit card details or credit card number are better off being defended by Sharmin and Sharmin’s Tampa credit card fraud lawyers.

Fortunately, when credit card fraud has taken your world by storm, you can do something about it. Get help figuring out what your next steps should be and getting justice for what has happened to you when you contact a dedicated credit card fraud lawyer in Florida at Sharmin & Sharmin P. A. Schedule your free consultation today to find out how much you could be awarded in your west palm beach claim.

Credit Card Fraud Information

Florida Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Is Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. a Good Fit for Your Case?

Victims of credit card fraud in Florida often feel confused, angry, and unsure of how to get justice. Finding the right legal representative can be a challenge when the market is so oversaturated with attorneys, all claiming to be the best one to represent you and your interests. 

With Sharmin & Sharmin P.A., you are choosing a team of lawyers that specialize in credit card fraud in Florida and who genuinely care about your well-being and your future in west palm beach Florida. We are here to protect and support you during some of the most difficult times of your life. Some of the perks of choosing Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. as your credit card fraud lawyer include:

  • Virtual consultations
  • Review of your case within 24 hours
  • 20+ years of litigation experience, now litigating claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • No attorney fees or other costs unless or until we win your case 

There is no risk when you contact our office to further discuss what has happened to you. We will let you know shortly after learning the details of your case whether you have grounds for a civil claim or other legal action. Contact a Fort Lauderdale credit card fraud lawyer at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. today to find out what you could be entitled to.

How Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. Can Help With Your Credit Card Fraud

In order for you to get your credit card fraud situation resolved, you may need to be prepared to take legal action. But first, you can get help handling the aftermath of your experience when you retain the legal representation of Sharmin & Sharmin P.A.

To begin, we will start by notifying the credit bureaus that your credit card was used fraudulently or your credit card information was obtained fraudulently without your consent. From there, we can then notify your creditors, and any other lending institutions that may apply via a dispute letter so that you can have these discrepancies removed from your credit report. 

While the credit bureaus work to fix the errors on your credit report and to protect your identity moving forward, we will also need to notify law enforcement that you were a victim of credit card fraud or fraudulent use beyond reasonable doubt.

But that is not the end of our legal assistance. If the credit bureaus failed to clear your credit and address the errors associated with your credit card fraud, you may have the ability to file a claim against them. Furthermore, you may also have the right to seek compensation through a civil claim against anyone whose negligent action is the cause of your credit card fraud or identity theft. If you were the victim of identity theft, contact a Florida identity theft attorney today to discuss your case.

At Sharmin & Sharmin P.A., we are dedicated to helping victims of credit card fraud in Fort Lauderdale and across the state of Florida obtain full and fair restitution for their damages.

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud in Fort Lauderdale 

Victims of credit card fraud, credit card theft, or even debit card theft in Fort Lauderdale are often hesitant to contact an attorney. This is, in part, because of the fact that they are unaware that they may have grounds for legal action and serious credit card fraud charges against those responsible for their identities being stolen in this way due to a Florida statute in place labeling that as a serious crime. 

After you have been a victim of credit card fraud, you may be unsure of what you should do next. First and foremost, you should reach out to an attorney. When you call Sharmin & Sharmin P.A., you can expect to find out whether you have grounds for a case – and as soon as 24 hours. From there, we can take the following steps to start to deal with the fraudulent activity related to your credit cards:

  • We can assist you in reaching out to your credit card company to dispute fraudulent charges.
  • We can assist you in reaching out to your credit card company to dispute fraudulent accounts.
  • We can assist you in discussing errors in your credit card accounts with your credit card company.
  • We will help you go through an in-depth review of your credit card accounts. 
  • We can assist you in changing the passwords to your credit card accounts, shopping cards, checking and saving accounts, and other relevant financial accounts.
  • We will help you notify the credit bureaus that you have been a victim of credit card fraud.
  • We will work to ensure that the credit bureaus fix the errors on your credit report. If there were errors on your credit report, contact our team of attorneys that specialize in Florida Fair Credit Reporting Act claims
  • We will continue to monitor your credit card statements, financial accounts, and credit reports.
  • We will prepare to bring your case for court when credit bureaus fail you or another party’s negligence causes you to become a victim of credit card fraud.

These are just a few of the steps that we will take after you have retained legal representation with our firm. Our credit card fraud attorneys are here to help you address the fallout that may come from identity theft in the form of credit card fraud and the use of your credit card numbers in a third degree felony.

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Meet With a Credit Card Fraud Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale 

Dealing with the aftermath of credit card fraud can be a challenging and drawn-out process. With help from an experienced Fort Lauderdale credit card fraud lawyer at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A., you can address any inconsistencies on your credit report and hold the at-fault party accountable for their negligence. 

Schedule your no-risk case review when you complete our convenient contact form. Or, call our office at 561-655-3925 to find out what options are available to you. 

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