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Florida’s Identity Fraud Risk Compared to Other States

Sometimes, the top ten lists are positive, and states strive to appear on them. The Top Ten States for Seafood, the Top Ten States for Safe Drinking Water, or The Top Ten States for Enjoying the Great Outdoors are the lists you like to see your state included. But appearing on the Top Ten States…

How Scammers Have Put Companies and Individuals At Risk

It’s no surprise that scammers have become more creative regarding hacking. The increasing number of calls from Scam Likely indicates that scams are on the rise. But the rise of scams puts companies and individuals at a greater risk. There are serious consequences that come from cyberattacks. Find out what methods scammers use to place…


How Does Medical Identity Theft Occur?

Identity theft is frequently an issue for Florida residents. Yet, even with the dangers the illegal practice already presents, a new form of identity theft has started to arise. Medical identity theft is a growing practice that can leave individuals with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. If you are…


What To Do If You Are Receiving Debt Collection Letters

Debt collection is a critical concern for legal experts due to the abuse of practices that many debt collectors and debt collection agencies utilize. In an attempt to recover funds for the sake of their clients, many use harmful practices that violate the law. To learn more about your rights when protecting yourself from debt…


TCPA Violations

TPCA, also known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, is a piece of legislation that has historically been overlooked by the public. This is a helpful tool for people hoping to avoid being called by random telemarketers and scammers on a routine basis. This legislation especially protects vulnerable populations such as the elderly, who may…

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