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How to Spot IRS Scams

As if tax season is not unwelcome enough on its own, greedy, dishonest individuals have also made this time of year “scam season.” These predators use deceptive techniques, presenting themselves as representatives of the IRS or other “official” entities to steal identities and money from unsuspecting victims, and their modes of operation are varied. IRS…

5 Important Steps Towards Identity Theft Recovery

When someone accesses your personal or financial information without your consent,and uses that information to buy items, obtain benefits, file taxes or commit other fraudulent behavior, you are a victim of identity theft. Identity thieves are always on the prowl, and while they often set their sights on more vulnerable people, older adults for example,…

Common Signs of Identity Fraud on Your Credit Report

Identity theft can happen to anyone. It can be overwhelming and leave you feeling vulnerable when it happens to you. Retaining an experienced Florida identity fraud lawyer in your corner with Sharmin & Sharmin, Attorneys at Law, may make the experience a little bit easier. This support may allow you more time and energy to…

How to Protect Seniors from Identity Theft

Anyone can be targeted for fraud, but seniors and the elderly are at an increased risk of being taken advantage of by fraudsters looking to make a quick buck and caregivers or family members who scam the senior citizen. Sweepstakes scams, fake business investment opportunities, and internet schemes are among the most common ways older…

Steps to Take After a Phishing Attack

It’s simple to rush through our emails daily, clicking on messages in the inbox to view messages from the businesses and familiar names of people we conduct business with. Disguised as familiar sites and people, scammers rely on familiarity, hoping to get you to click on their message. Scammers craft phishing emails to look familiar…

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