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Electronic Banking Safety Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

The world is fast moving towards a digital transformation in which most transactions happen online, on a smartphone, and in the blink of an eye, including bank-related transactions. This opens the door to identity theft. Suppose you are one of the many people embracing this technology (and most of us are). In that case, it…

Your Electronic Banking Rights and Protections

While we used to put money in and take money out of our bank accounts with a real live human at the bank, things have changed almost completely with electronic banking. The convenience of being able to bank when you want and where you want has made driving up to your bank’s drive-thru window much…

How Fraud Can Impact Florida Real Estate

If you want a piece of Florida real estate, you have to be ready to act fast. Florida’s real estate market is at the top in the U.S., with buyers from all over the world eyeing Florida as a place to call home or for investment. In our anxiousness not to lose the house or…

Common Internet Fraud Scams in Florida

Sitting in the safety of our homes, the danger from outside threats seems obsolete. But our computers and phones used for business, connection, and fun are often targeted, with our most personal information being collected, making us vulnerable to common internet fraud scams.  Becoming the victim of internet fraud scams can cost us our personal…


Florida’s Identity Fraud Risk Compared to Other States

Sometimes, the top ten lists are positive, and states strive to appear on them. The Top Ten States for Seafood, the Top Ten States for Safe Drinking Water, or The Top Ten States for Enjoying the Great Outdoors are the lists you like to see your state included. But appearing on the Top Ten States…

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