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Steps to Take After Spotting Credit Card Fraud

Being a victim of credit card fraud can be a devastating experience. Resolving it can take time, diligence, and quite an emotional toll. Representation from an experienced Florida credit card fraud attorney can make a difference.  What is Credit Card Fraud? Credit card fraud is not an uncommon occurrence. The Legal Information Institute(LII) at Cornell…


Steps to Take for Reporting Fraud in Florida

Do you have reason to believe you are a victim of fraud or identity theft? Has your life been turned upside down by criminals with no regard to the impact their decisions would have on your life? If so, you may be able to take legal action against them with help from an experienced Florida…

Tips for Spotting and Preventing Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a profitable business, with the individuals behind the deceptive practices working at a fevered pace to stay one step ahead of the security measures constantly evolving to protect credit card users. With most people choosing to make purchases with credit cards online and in stores, the potential for credit card fraud…


How Can Credit Card Fraud Affect Small Businesses?

Staying ahead of credit card fraud is a task that large corporations and state and federal governments struggle with. The challenges to small businesses can seem insurmountable. When one solution is found, another form of fraud interrupts business transactions to begin the process of prevention and awareness again.  Even more challenging is that the individuals…

Your Electronic Banking Rights and Protections

While we used to put money in and take money out of our bank accounts with a real live human at the bank, things have changed almost completely with electronic banking. The convenience of being able to bank when you want and where you want has made driving up to your bank’s drive-thru window much…

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