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Five Common Florida Bankruptcy Myths

Most people try to avoid bankruptcy, fearing the worst if it is unavoidable. Recent statistics show the filing of close to 400,000 non-business bankruptcies in the U.S., so this is not an uncommon practice. If you are sinking into debt and see no feasible way out, consulting a Florida debt defense lawyer is the first…

How Scammers Have Put Companies and Individuals At Risk

It’s no surprise that scammers have become more creative regarding hacking. The increasing number of calls from Scam Likely indicates that scams are on the rise. But the rise of scams puts companies and individuals at a greater risk. There are serious consequences that come from cyberattacks. Find out what methods scammers use to place…

Common Signs of Financial Infidelity

The wife scrambling to beat her husband home before he sees the Amazon packages on the porch or the husband claiming the tickets to that big game were a gift from a client when he actually paid top dollar for them are a couple of examples of financial infidelity. Sometimes, the amounts being spent are…

Common Costly Florida Foreclosure Mistakes

Now that state and federal pandemic protections for homeowners are no longer in place. Florida foreclosures are happening at an alarming pace. If you are late on your mortgage payments, you may have concerns about foreclosure.  Mortgage lenders usually begin foreclosure after a homeowner misses their fourth payment.  But there are ways to defend yourself…

10 Important Tips to Handle Debt Stress

If your debt occupies your thoughts and causes you to experience stress, you may feel overwhelmed and like you may never get out from under it. There are some steps you can take that will help you take back control of your finances. Some of them may seem uncomfortable, but they will lead you to…

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