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Florida Consumer Protection Lawyer

Consumer protection is a growing topic of conversation in the context of the law and personal rights. Lake Worth particularly has seen an increase in interest in hiring Lake Worth consumer protection attorneys to protect them from the predatory acts of debt collectors. Much of what these collectors do may be illegal and in violation of state and federal restrictions. 

Debt Collectors Use Predatory Tactics to Take Your Money

Debt collection can be an extremely complex issue for consumers throughout the state of Florida. Debt collection, generally speaking, is when entities that are owed money by someone or an organization rely on the services of a third-party debt collection agency to fulfill those owed payments. While it is fair to assume that this is a fair and just practice, many debt collectors step out of line and break the law to fulfill their duties. Our Florida debt defense lawyers have helped hundreds of clients contact Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. to further discuss your debt defense strategy. 

Certain federal and state laws spell out which acts are illegal to perform on consumers:

  • Call someone while they are at work
  • Use threats of violence
  • Pretend to be law enforcement, an attorney, or affiliated with a law firm
  • Contact someone directly if they already have an attorney
  • Call between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM
  • Repeatedly attempt to contact someone after they ask them not to
  • Try to collect a debt that has already been paid or belongs to someone else entirely
  • Reveal information about someone’s debts to people and entities they are affiliated with, such as friends, family, or their workplace
  • Use profane language
  • Attempt to physically or otherwise intimidate someone
  • And other forms of general harassment…

How the Law and Attorneys Help Protect Citizens in Florida

Some of the tactics that these collectors use include the usage of deceptive, false, abusive, and unfair tactics to collect debts. These are illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, also known as the FDCPA. The FDCPA was passed in 1978 and was written to protect consumers from predatory debt collectors throughout the country. This act alone has helped innumerable amounts of people by providing financial compensation in the form of damages, statutory damages, and even attorney fees upon completion of a successful lawsuit.

The state of Florida has gone even further to protect residents as well. The Florida Consumer Collection Protection Act (FCCPA) goes further to prohibit not only third-party debt collectors, but the original creditors that would not otherwise be liable under the nationwide FDCPA legislation. Passionate and experienced law firms are able to leverage these mechanisms and more to help protect Lake Worth citizens from excessive harassment. Fore more information, contact a Florida credit report error attorney today.

Sharmin & Sharmin – the Leading Consumer Protection Firm in Florida

At Sharmin & Sharmin, we have seen examples of debt collectors using abusive tactics time and time again. They often knowingly violate the rights of those they are attempting to collect debts from by using harmful tactics day in and day out. That is why we employ passionate Lake Worth consumer protection attorneys at Sharmin & Sharmin – to ensure that you and your family are safe from the threats of others. Please call us today at 1-844-Sharmin or follow this link to receive a free consultation with a representative from our law firm.

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