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What Information Does Advanced Background Services Check?

There are a plethora of reasons that someone may have an advanced background check run on them. Whatever the case, it is important that consumers know what kind of information could potentially be accessed by organizations and individuals alike – ultimately revealing important information. To learn more, reach out to a Palm Beach consumer protection attorney from Sharmin & Sharmin today. 

Information Explicitly Provided in Advanced Background Checks

Background checks are primarily used to give existing institutions, such as universities, employers, volunteer organizations, rental agencies, banks, and more information on who they are providing their services to, or vice versa. Usually, the information that they receive on a potential partner from background checks is then judged and determined to be safe or unsafe.

However, advanced background services may go deeper into someone’s past than originally anticipated, probing their traceable history in order to get a better read on an individual. There is a number of different types of information that can show up in an advanced background services check.

  • Criminal records (including county and state-level information) 
  • Sexual offender registries
  • Education 
  • Employment information 
  • Previous and current residential addresses
  • Social security traces
  • Credit reports 
  • Driving records
  • References
  • And more

Levels of Background Checks in Florida

While there is a large amount of information that could potentially be found through a background check, there are actually a few different tiers of background checks that someone is able to request.

  • Level One Check: Level One checks typically only review someone’s name, employment history, and state and/or county criminal history. Sex offender registry alerts may also appear on this type of check.
  • Level Two Check: Level Two checks are normally more comprehensive and require someone to submit fingerprints. Robust background checks through law enforcement agencies such as the FBI are assessed in addition to the information provided on the Level One check. There are, however, certain prohibited offenses that may need to be assessed by an attorney. 
  • Level Three Check: A Level Three background check is sometimes confused with the Level Two check, although real Level Three checks do not exist in Florida. They may, however, exist outside of the state and be requested in other parts of the country. 

Possibility for Falsehood or Misrepresentation

The robust nature of advanced background services checks allows people to get a better idea of who someone is and their past. Yet, with a great amount of benefit comes a great amount of risk. With such an array of information comes a certain degree of risk, meaning that some of your background could be misrepresented or falsified altogether. 

Inaccurate information on a background check is technically illegal under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA). This act was passed to protect consumers from the misconstrual of their history so that they may still be able to get a job or open a bank account, for example. The obligation to check and ensure that provided information is accurate rests on the person or organization requesting the background check. 

The Firm Protecting Florida Residents’ Identities

There are, in addition, certain restrictions on what types of information employers can use during a screening process. These rights are also guaranteed under the FRCA. Under this legislation, certain criminal records cannot appear on a background check after seven years. 

Should you be the victim of a rights violation pertaining to a background check or you would like to learn more about how a Palm Beach consumer protection attorney may be able to defend you in a court of law, please call the offices of Sharmin & Sharmin for a free consultation at 1-844-SHARMIN or follow this link which will redirect you to an online contact form.

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