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What Does DoorDash Look for in a Background Check?

DoorDash is just one rising company amongst the quick, explosive expansion of food delivery and rideshare companies. With DoorDash and other similar ventures, a family’s meal can be delivered at the click of a button with little more effort than plugging in a credit card number.

As this service was expanded to the majority of medium to large-sized cities across the United States, there was an enormous need for employees. As the drivers for DoorDash act as contractors for the San Francisco-based company, they must undergo background checks before being hired. Contact a Fort Lauderdale identity theft attorney at Sharmin & Sharmin today if you have any questions relating to an employment background check.  

A Deep Dive into DoorDash Background Checks

Background checks are a big part of any company’s employment infrastructure. This mechanism is laid down by a company’s human resources team to ensure that their future representatives are willing and able to positively impact the organization. Background checks, in the same stroke, may also give companies peace of mind when sending their workforce out into society.

DoorDash itself uses Checkr for background checks, a third-party company that determines who is and is not suitable to become a contractor or employee. In addition to the initial background check, DoorDash uses Checkr to regularly skim through workers’ rapports – during their employment. This can potentially make active “Dashers” ineligible to continue their work should something questionable appear on their profile. 

Rideshare Companies’ Two Primary Concerns 

DoorDash determines two primary pieces of information as the most noteworthy for those hoping to hit the road:

  • Criminal History Report: Criminal history reports are common in modern-day background checks. This function effectively looks for felonies and other serious crimes that may raise alarms. Theft, sexual offenses, property damage, and violent crimes are all grounds for application refusal. 
  • Motor Vehicle Report: Motor vehicle reports are not always used in background checks because they are not always needed. In the case of DoorDash, the company hopes to ensure that its drivers are suitable behind the wheel to avoid accidents and mishaps as they represent the company. Some examples of specific offenses that may result in rejection include DUIs, other drug-related crimes, and four or more moving violations.

DoorDash takes the issue of background checks a step further, highlighting the importance of safety in their official statements regarding the subject. As may be evident, the extensive amount of time spent on the road in addition to customer-driver interactions at the home of the customer means that DoorDash must ensure their drivers are not a threat. 

More Information: A Complete Guide To Florida Background Checks

Where DoorDash Falls Short and the Legal Response

One recurring issue within this community of food service and rideshare drivers is erroneous report-checking on behalf of the company. While it is not entirely clear if it is the fault of Checkr or DoorDash, sometimes someone is wrongly flagged, and their application rejected – costing them a job and potential finances they may need for living expenses.

Whether it be a rejection of your application on the grounds of an unfair flagging of your background rapport or another unclear cancellation of your employment request, attorneys from Sharmin & Sharmin are here to help. Our Miami identity theft lawyers have experience defending those in need and are ready to review your case with a free consultation. Contact us as soon as possible at 1-844-Sharmin.


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