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Florida’s Identity Fraud Risk Compared to Other States


Sometimes, the top ten lists are positive, and states strive to appear on them. The Top Ten States for Seafood, the Top Ten States for Safe Drinking Water, or The Top Ten States for Enjoying the Great Outdoors are the lists you like to see your state included. But appearing on the Top Ten States for Identity Theft does not quite have the same prestige.

Sadly, Florida ranks number six. While neighbor, Georgia, takes the number one position. 

Florida's Identity Fraud Risk Compared to Other States

Why People in Florida Stand a Greater Risk of Identity Fraud

There are many reasons that Floridians stand a greater chance of being victimized in an identity theft fraud scam than residents of other states. We will talk about a few of the reasons in this article. 

Large Retiree Population

Because of the warm winters and all the activities available, from golf to fishing to sunbathing, Florida has a lot to offer. Pair that with the tax implications of paying no income taxes and the lower cost of living, and you have a retirees paradise

The large senior citizen population is vulnerable to identity theft scams. Often senior citizens are less familiar with using technology. They are often sharing personal information with healthcare providers and even financial institutions. Because they often lack tech savviness, they are more susceptible to giving their personal information to thieves.  

Booming Tourism Industry

Florida is a popular holiday destination. The warm temperatures and amusement parks and the natural beauty of the peninsula surrounded on three sides by ocean waters makes it an ideal vacation spot. Because of the crowds and the turnover of people in and out of the state, criminals have plenty of opportunities to steal personal information. 

Checking in and out of hotels, exchanging credit card information and other personal data, a clever thief can figure out how to manipulate the situation to benefit them, and they can make off with personal information without much effort.

Nearly Effortless Access to Personal Information

The public record laws in Florida create a situation ripe for thieves to steal personal information. Since it is so simple to access personal information through public records, Florida makes it fairly simple for identity thieves to gain personal information to use in perpetuating fraudulent situations like identity theft. 

Identity Theft Rings

Organized crime can be quite sophisticated and frightening, and Florida is known for large numbers of identity theft rings. These criminal consorts work together to steal personal information and commit fraud, like identity theft. 

This identity theft rings trade in identities. They sell, buy and trade personal information like social security numbers, credit cards, and account information to commit fraud and misuse for ill-gotten gains. 

Lack of Resources for Law Enforcement

With so many people in and out of the state, law enforcement may lack the resources to combat fraud due to identity theft as effectively as they would like. With more criminals and less law enforcement, identities are far less protected. 

Florida’s Risky Business and You

There is no doubt that Florida residents and visitors are at a more significant risk for identity theft. The large population of vulnerable seniors, who lack familiarity with internet safety, along with Florida’s status as a vacation mecca, makes it a haven for thieves trying to profit from identity theft. If you have been victimized by one of these identity thieves, contact a Florida identity theft lawyer at Sharmin & Sharmin to see how we can help.

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