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Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation unlike any other. It frequently seeks associates at stores around the world. To land an associate role or any other Walmart job, an individual should expect to undergo a background check. 

There are more than 2.3 million Walmart associates globally, all of whom likely underwent a background check before they were hired. A job candidate must consent to a background screening as part of the hiring process. Upon completion, the candidate can move forward with a role at Walmart. However, if an error is discovered during the background check, it may hamper a candidate’s ability to join the Walmart team. 

What Happens If Errors Are Found During a Walmart Background Check?

A Walmart background screening error can cause a job candidate to miss out on an opportunity to further their career. In this instance, Walmart will notify the candidate if he or she is not going to be hired due to information found during their check. At this point, it is paramount for the candidate to review their check. This enables a candidate to find out if any background check errors were present.  

Walmart is required to provide a candidate with the contact information for the company that performed their background screening. It must also notify this individual that he or she has the right to dispute background check errors. 

How Can You Dispute Walmart Background Check Errors?

To dispute Walmart background screening errors, contact the company that performed the assessment. Walmart can provide the contact information for the company. 

An individual can submit a dispute letter to a Walmart background check provider. The letter should include information about the errors found in the check. It should also explain why these mistakes need to be fixed. 

After a background check company receives a dispute letter, it has 30 days to investigate. Once the company’s investigation is finished, it has five business days to inform an individual about the results. 

Can I File a Lawsuit If Walmart Background Check Errors Are Not Corrected?

Information must be removed from a Walmart background check if it cannot be verified. In this scenario, the background screening company must fix the mistake. The company must then provide the individual and Walmart with the revised report. 

In the event that a Walmart background screening error goes unaddressed, help is available. At this point, an individual may be able to file a lawsuit against the background screening company.  

Before pursuing a legal claim against a Walmart background screening company, consult with a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. Next, the lawyer can review the information surrounding the individual’s claim. He or she can then determine if now is the right time to move forward with a lawsuit.  

Partner with a Top-Notch Florida Employment Background Report Error Attorney

Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. can help an individual pursue a legal claim against a Walmart background screening company. We have experienced Florida employment background report error attorneys who are committed to their craft. Our attorneys will do everything possible to help individuals win their Fair Credit Reporting Act cases. To request a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 1-844-Sharmin. 

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