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Common Internet Fraud Scams in Florida

Sitting in the safety of our homes, the danger from outside threats seems obsolete. But our computers and phones used for business, connection, and fun are often targeted, with our most personal information being collected, making us vulnerable to common internet fraud scams. 

Becoming the victim of internet fraud scams can cost us our personal information, credit, and hard-earned money. Knowing where to turn for help is critical to never becoming prey again. Working with a reputable Florida identity theft attorney can help you recover your stolen information, securing your life again. 

Common Internet Fraud Scams in Florida

Common Internet Fraud Scams

Innocent clicks, requests, and purchases can lead to significant fraud and scams when using the internet. It can happen to anyone because the techniques for harvesting information have become very difficult to detect. What are some of the common internet fraud scams in Florida to be aware of?

Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping is not new, but shopping on the internet catapulted into popularity with the onset of COVID. You can buy anything from your dinner and groceries to your furniture online with the click of a button. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Offers of deep discounts on items are one way to catch your attention. Shop only on reputable sites, read customer reviews about companies, and verify their return policies if you are unsatisfied with a product. Paying with a credit card allows you to work with your bank to freeze payments and contest fraudulent charges.


Not to be confused with a popular recreational activity in Florida, phishing is a common scam used by cybercriminals who send fraudulent emails or messages to deceive internet users into believing the information request is from a reputable company. 

A request to reset your password can lead to interactions with an individual pretending to be a customer service representative asking for your login information to help you protect your account. Remember that no one should contact you online or by phone from a company, bank, or institution asking for your login information. 

It is always recommended never to click on links in emails but go directly to the website from your browser. You will have access to secure messages on the website once you log in.

Tax Scams

The IRS never will contact you by email, asking you to verify any financial information. Emails that appear to contain official logos can be convincing, but you should never enter information such as social security numbers or bank account information. Seeking help from an attorney specializing in internet fraud scams in Florida can help you identify them before it’s too late.

Romance Scams

In a time of connectivity through social media and dating apps, people report being lonelier than ever. You may meet someone online who takes a personal interest in you, wanting to know you better. This connection feels excellent!

A recent study reported that people had lost $547 million to romance scams, which increased by 80% in just one year. Romance scammers will keep their interactions with you to online interactions only, asking for money for a hardship they face, and direct you on payment which may include requests for money in the form of gift cards. Never be ashamed to confide in a close friend or family member and share your experience so that you can get help removing yourself from the interaction.

Experienced Internet Fraud Scam Representation

The threats we experience using smartphones and computers can change our lives forever, robbing us of life savings, identity, and security. Working with the team at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. is the first step in recovery. Our specialization in fraud scams and identity theft in Florida sets us apart. Your protection and security are important to us.

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