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Why Is Someone Else’s Information Listed on My Credit Report?

Credit scores are a uniquely American experience that have a great amount of influence on someone’s day-to-day life. From purchasing a car to applying for an apartment, credit reports will inevitably be checked by some organizations. Despite this, there are a number of cases in which mistakes are made on a credit report, or some…

Why is my FICO® Score Lower Than my Credit Score?

As is understandable, many people conflate FICO® scores and credit scores as being a measure of the same thing. While this may seem logical on the surface, these two scores are different and have separate meanings. To learn more about the differences between FICO® and credit scores, reach out to a Florida credit report attorney…

How Common Are Errors on Consumer Credit Reports?

A consumer may need to provide a copy of their credit report to obtain a mortgage, pay for a car, or cover other large expenses. However, credit report mistakes can occur at any time and without notice.  Consumer Reports research indicates 34% of consumers have at least one error on their credit report. Even a…

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