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What To Do If You Are Receiving Debt Collection Letters

Debt collection is a critical concern for legal experts due to the abuse of practices that many debt collectors and debt collection agencies utilize. In an attempt to recover funds for the sake of their clients, many use harmful practices that violate the law. To learn more about your rights when protecting yourself from debt…

What Is Zombie Debt?

Many Americans have the burden of carrying different types of debts for long periods of time. Between student loan debts, mortgages, medical debts, credit card debt, and more, it is easy to lose track of money owed in some cases. To learn more about managing and disputing owed debts, please reach out to a Florida…

How Experian Tricks People Into Signing Away Their Rights

With just how elaborate day-to-day life is in the 21st century, people are susceptible to manipulation. In the case of scammers, pickpockets, and even multinational corporations such as Experian, millions of Americans unknowingly fall victim to the immoral tactics of criminals. If you or a loved one has found themself affected by similar scandals, please…

Can I File for Bankruptcy If I’m in the Military?

Certain situations such as needing to take care of a family member, inheriting large amounts of debt, or losing critical assets are all examples of how someone in the military can end up in a position of bankruptcy. Although the military usually receives extensive praise for its healthcare and access to cheap goods on base,…

Can I Keep My Car if I File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of how specific financial mechanisms can impact their lives. At no fault of their own, the extreme complexities that arise when attempting to file for bankruptcy, for example, leave people with more questions than answers. To get a better understanding of how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim influences large personal…

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